One night in Bangkok!

Ok, so technically it was 2 nights, but thats beside the point. 

I would spend just 2 nights in Bangkok before heading to Chiang Mai, for the lantern festival that had inspired me to travel to Thailand in the first place. The flight from Istanbul was thankfully uneventful. Heavily medicated at this point, I slept practically the whole way. My fever was down by the time we were set to land. 

Upon landing, everything was easier than expected. Getting through immigration was swift, my baggage arrived, and Bangkok airport was easy to navigate. I had purchased an unlocked phone prior to leaving the USA with the intention of getting local sim cards that would allow me to make calls and have 3g internet. Obtaining a sim card was simple! After researching the best deals, the company (DTAC) set up my phone with unlimited internet for the next 30 days at an extremely reasonable price.

After getting food at the airport (newbie fear of going out after dark to find food), it was time to brave the drive to my hotel. You hear horror stories about the cabs in bangkok ripping you off. Luckily there is a system at bangkok airport that seems to help with this. My driver had the meter running and as far as i could tell-everything was honest. He took me straight to my hotel (no scam visits to other hotels).

Finding the hotel was a little bit of a challenge and I would learn my first lesson. Cab drivers in SE Asia often cannot read maps! It is best to print out directions from the hitek if they have them. After circling the streets for about 20 minutes, he pulled over, walked along a street, asked some local people and came back with a very helpful man to carry my luggage. My plan was simple-sleep!!!! Tomorrow I would tour the city and find a way to battle the strep throat that was continuing to plague me.