And Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say!

Why I am writing this blog…..

For anyone who does not know what I am doing. I am currently on an indefinite trip around SE Asia. I am over 30 and I’m doing it alone. I have no real plans-I am taking it one city at a time.

So I am almost 3 months in!! Why am I writing this now?

The answer is-many reasons! I have no secret desire to become a writer. I don’t expect this to win any awards or even earn me any money! I am writing this purely for my own selfish reasons and hopefully to help some others along the way. Let it be known that at around age 12- my english teacher told my mother that “I couldn’t write”. The grammar and flow may not be eloquent. I will probably write the way I talk-but that’s ok! I’m telling a story-my story. **potential employers-please don’t take this blog to be indicative of my report writing skills :)**

So my reasons for writing this now:

1. I am forgetting!!

-I am 3 months in. I am half way through my 3rd country. I’ve hit a rough patch! Maybe I am just tired, maybe I don’t like the country I am in, maybe it’s because I have been sick. I don’t know the reason-but right now I am forgetting how amazing this trip has been. I need to document this so that in a month (or in a year or 50) I can remind myself of the spectacular time I have had. I travelled years ago around Europe with a great friend from university. I remember some things about that trip, but remarkably very little. I can’t let that happen again.

2. People want to know!

Well my mother does at least.

-I am not the best at giving information. I’ll tell only the information that’s needed. It drives people crazy. It drives my friends and coworkers crazy. I’m not trying to be secretive-I just don’t really know what people want to know. So now people can choose to read or not to. It’s up to them! For those that want to know what the heck I am up to-this will tell you. This is totally outside of my box-so positive reinforcement welcome :).

3. Giving back!

I could not have completed this trip without other travel blogs. They have given me logistics, information and most importantly the courage to do this. If one single female can read this and be inspired to think they can do this too, this has served its purpose. I now write reviews on booking sites and travel review sites. My trip has been shaped by people who have done this before and who took the time to document their likes, dislikes, safety tips etc. Now it’s my turn.

So I am 3 months behind-there will be a period of catch up. A good friend gave me a journal to take with me. I have been taking notes as I go along. Now I will turn these notes into a blog.

I hope people read it and enjoy it. I hope that someone finds it useful. More than anything,  I hope that it reminds me of the people I have met, the places I have been, the things I have seen and reminds me that this is truly a once in a lifetime experience.


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